Who I Am

Hands on problem solving is my passion.

Having a background in creative design & education in studio art, I approach each task with a level of attention to detail that favors innovative solutions over convention.

I grew up in Westford, Massachusetts. Small-town suburban lifestyle certainly promoted my affinity for collecting diverse hobbies. Before design, it was art - and music before that. Composing & live performances, screen printing apparel, commercial & fine art printing, archival documentation, framing & presentation fabrication, and more... I enjoyed anything that I could get get fully enveloped into.

From my early years as an oil painter in Boston, to being a director of UX & UI design in NYC, I feel very much at home now in the Silicon Valley. My professional experience covers a wide range of skill sets, from front-end design to responsive website development, branding & web marketing campaigns, project management & maintenance, and intensive design both on & off the computer screen.

As a goal-oriented individual, I'm always seeking my next challenge to meet.

With my non-conventional introduction to the industry, and having extensive oversight on various peripheral aspects of the process I am a part of, I look forward to using my experience in a truly meaningful way.

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